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"First Tee" Family Programs Available

Preparing Our Future Golfers

Niagara Frontier is all about bringing the family together. With our First Tee program, your kids can be included in your favorite past time. In no time, we will get their game looking better than yours to join you on the course!  It takes patience, a proven process, and expertise to teach this difficult and sometimes frustrating game of golf. Our First Tee instructors have just that!

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Adult Instruction and Training Programs Available

Our Niagara Frontier G.C. PGA Teaching Staff

Anyone who has played golf in their lives knows it doesn’t come easy. Some golfers spend as much time on the driving range and practice facilities as they do on the course. That is why we take are our training facilities seriously. our G.C. PGA staff is dedicated to excelling your game. Classes are available w7 days a week, day and night. All of our  practice areas kept to the same specifications as the golf course , which was ranked the 6th best conditioned course in the US by Golf Advisor.

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Golf Instruction at Niagara Frontier

Excel your golf game by receiving a one-on-one lesson at our beautiful training facilities from one of our certified PGA instructors. So we can cover all areas of your golf game, lessons are customized per your request.

Swing analysis

Let’s find out what you’re really doing wrong with your swing so we can fix it.

Chipping and pitching

Make your wedge a valuable asset.


Finally get to the cause and remedy to find the fairway with your driver.


Eliminate three putts and make more 12 footers.

Recovery Shots

learn how to get yourself out of those tough spots

Sand Shots

Make the beach fun again!


There is a lot of chatter about grips out there. We can show you what really works.


Stance and footing is the foundation of your power and accuracy.

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